Friday, October 5, 2012

Lots of Cupcakes!!

I had someone order 240 cupcakes from me.  The baker they had lined up had a family emergency and they needed them at a day and a half notice.  I agreed to it and spent most of the day baking and decorating cupcakes. 

It was for an anniversary for a local restored Carousel.  So I decided to do silver cup cake liners and pastel colors.  I topped them with some gourmet sugar to give them a little sparkle. 

I put my leaf in my table to fit most of them on.

They didn't all fit so I had to overflow onto my counter

I had that edible sugar everywhere.  I am glad my
husband wasn't home.  It was all over the table, the counter,
and the floor.  I did get it cleaned up before my hubby got home!!

Sky blue, mint green, lemon yellow, rose pink, and violet.
These are the colors that I think of when I think of those old
carousel horses going up and down on the silver poles!!


Paula O said...

Those look beautiful, wonderful job.

Ladybug said...

Awesome Job... Do you still want
to bake Cupcakes :-) Small Town
Bake Shop ... Hugs....