Monday, December 3, 2012

Empty Jars

Call me crazy but I just love seeing all my empty canning jars sitting in the basement.  I guess I just get some great satisfaction knowing that I am feeding my family and saving a lot of money.  I use at least 2 jars of food each day.  Most days I use 4 or 5 jars of food.  When I add up the savings I can save up to $5 a day just by using the food that I canned during the summer.
There are days that I don't go to bed until after midnight when I am in the middle of canning season.  But all that hard work does pay off.  Not only do I save a lot of money on groceries we have fresh canned food.  I can monitor what is in my food and the quality of it as well. 
So when I look in my pantry at all the empty jars I know that I am feeding my family well and taking care of them.
That's why I love the sight of all my empty jars!!!

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Michelle said...

I so agree! Plus the food taste so much better.