Saturday, December 15, 2012

Frosty the Snowman Cake Pops!

I saw the design for these cake pops on line and decided to try them. I wanted to make some festive cake pops for a Christmas party tonight but I wanted to use things I had on hand and not have to buy all new items.  I had white chocolate and several items to decorate with so I decided to go with snowmen.  I was going to just make plain snowmen when I saw that the Frosty the snowman looked quite simple and I figured out how to make the hats from different purchased candy.

For the hats I bought chocolate coins and Rolos.  Just  unwrap the coins and with some melted chocolate attach the rolo to the center with the wider portion at the top.  I had a bag of these candy flowers that I just attached with melted chocolate. I did not have enough of the pink so they are various colors.  They still look cute and still look like Frosty.

For the corn cob pipes I just used small yellow gum drops cut in half.  I kept the cut side down and broke small pieces of spaghetti to use as the pipe. 

Next I just made a yellow cake and used what frosting I had in the fridge.  I made a basic cake ball and dipped them in white chocolate.  After they were dry it was time to decorate.  I used cinnamon imperials for the nose and candy eyes for the eyes.  Both were attached with white chocolate.  Then I used black gel food coloring and drew on a smile with a thin paint brush.  To attach the hat put I put the cake pops on some Styrofoam and used white chocolate.  Once dry I very carefully poked a whole in the mouth and pushed in the corn cob pipe. 

Once they were all dry I used sucker bags and put them over top.  Tied them up with some ribbon and displayed them in a peck produce basket filled with polyester fiberfill. 

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