Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Made Fruit Snacks

I saw this recipe on pinterest and just had to try it.  Here is the link to it on pinterest.

I never dreamed it was so simple and easy to make these.  I bought a mold that came with the package to make fruit snacks a long time ago.  So I had the cute dinosaur mold.  I am so glad I found this recipe because now I can make them with whatever flavor I want and in the shapes that are perfect for my kids.  You can substitute fruit juice for the water to make them more nutritious. 

All you need is a 3 oz package of jello, 2 packages of unflavored gelatin, and water.
Sprinkle  the gelatin over top of 1/3 cup of water in a small saucepan.  Cook and stir over medium heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved.  I poured it into a measuring cup with a spout.  Then pour into molds.  No need to spray the molds.  Wait 20 minutes for it to cool and the fruit snacks will pull right out.  These do not need to be refrigerated.

I used peach, berry blue, and raspberry.  For my one son I used the dinosaur molds.  He loves animals.  For the other I used a mold that has music notes, the treble and bass clef, flat, and sharp signs.  He loves music and plays the piano.  The left over I put in different shaped santas.  These I divided up into three bags to give to my little niece and nephews.

Dissolve gelatin in water over medium heat. 
This does not take long. 
Less than 5 minutes.

Pour into molds.  Anything you have will do.
These are molds that I use for chocolates.

Wait 20 minutes and peel out of the mold.
Just rub your thumb over the edge and they peel right out.
Here are the dinosaurs

My music notes!

The different shaped santas!!

Bagged up ready to put in stockings and
to give as gifts.  Such a simple homemade gift to give!

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