Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Make a 3-D cake

Making 3-D cakes are actually easier than they look.  I have a few books that give step by step instructions plus I have found a lot of neat ideas on the Internet.  To start with you basically need to make a cake in an oven proof dish that is similar to the cake you want to make. 

I have found for more sculpted cakes that sponge cakes work best.  They keep their shape well and don't settle as much as a regular cake.  I have used boxed cakes before and they turned out fine, but they do settle some and distort a little.

Once your cake is done you need some fondant and decorations for your cake.

I normally use marshmallow fondant to cover the cake.  I also use it to sculpt too but add a little xanthum gum powder to it so it is a little firmer and will dry out some.  The marshmallow fondant is cheap plus I think it tastes a lot better than regular fondant.  If I ever do some major sculpting again I will buy some fondant just for that and still use the marshmallow fondant to cover the cake. 

I made these little teddy bears out of the marshmallow fondant that I added some xanthum gum powder to.  The eyes were candy eyes.  I have my white marshmallow fondant ready to roll out, butter cream frosting, and my sponge cake.  I made this in two 8 inch square pans.

I cut the cakes into 9 squares.  I like making these cakes because I had no waste.  I used all the cake.  To cover the cake with fondant you first put a thin layer of butter cream frosting on.  Then cover with a thin layer of fondant.  I made individual gift bag cakes so I just rolled a strip of fondant around the cake.  Left  a layer at the top and then placed my teddy bears, suckers, and m&m's on top.  I cut a Christmas tree out of rolled green fondant and attached it to the front of the bags with butter cream frosting.

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