Thursday, January 31, 2013

Basketball Cake Pops

I am learning a few new tricks and getting better at making cake pops.  Each time I make them they turn out a little better. 

I kept wandering how to get the cake into nice fine crumbs.  Never occurred to me to use my food processor.  I saw this on line some where.  So I gave it a try.  It Turned out perfect.

See how fine the crumbs are!

This is one cake mix baked and crumbled.  To this add 1/2 cup of a nice thick butter cream frosting.

Mix it up by hand until the frosting is thoroughly mixed.  Form into balls or desired shape.
I used a scoop to insure uniform size.  Refrigerate until nice and firm.  Dip sticks into melted
chocolate and insert into cake balls.

Then dip them into chocolate shaking off excess.  Let dry.

I used Royal Icing to pipe on the lines for the basket balls.
Here they are packages up and ready to go.  These are for a friend who
wanted them for her kids snack for their basketball games.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Possibles Bag

Do you know what a Possibles Bag is?  I didn't until my husband showed me one in a catalog and said he wanted one. A Possibles Bag is a bag used by hunters that they can carry anything that they will possibly need while hunting.   I looked at the bag and read the reviews.  About every other review said the bag was poorly made and did not hold up well when used.  It was made out of fleece and cost $45.  I had some camo material left over from the bags I made my kids for their birthdays.  So I decided to make my husband one. 

I used a pattern for a fisherman's bag.  I added an outside pocket on the side that will be perfect for a flash light.  I also made the flap longer and added a parachute buckle on the front.

Once you flip open the flap you have two large pockets.  These are perfect for black powder containers and the ball used for muzzle loader hunting.

The bag zips open and there is a cell phone pocket and another pocket.  It is quite roomy yet small enough to carry along with your other hunting gear.  My hubby will get this for his birthday on Friday.  I hope he likes it!!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Old Kit, New Doll

My friend who is an avid garage saler and goes to many auctions and flea markets found this old doll kit.  It was titled Country Classics and the name of the doll was Amy.  I found a date on the instructions from 1983.  So the kit is 30 years old.  My friend picked this kit up along with some other things in a box and passed it on to me.  All the doll pieces were already cut out.  So all I had to do was sew it together and assemble it. 
It turned out real cute and I am going to take it to our church to use in the toddler room.  We need more dolls in there and I don't have any girls of my own.