Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Possibles Bag

Do you know what a Possibles Bag is?  I didn't until my husband showed me one in a catalog and said he wanted one. A Possibles Bag is a bag used by hunters that they can carry anything that they will possibly need while hunting.   I looked at the bag and read the reviews.  About every other review said the bag was poorly made and did not hold up well when used.  It was made out of fleece and cost $45.  I had some camo material left over from the bags I made my kids for their birthdays.  So I decided to make my husband one. 

I used a pattern for a fisherman's bag.  I added an outside pocket on the side that will be perfect for a flash light.  I also made the flap longer and added a parachute buckle on the front.

Once you flip open the flap you have two large pockets.  These are perfect for black powder containers and the ball used for muzzle loader hunting.

The bag zips open and there is a cell phone pocket and another pocket.  It is quite roomy yet small enough to carry along with your other hunting gear.  My hubby will get this for his birthday on Friday.  I hope he likes it!!



Michelle said...

They need to hirer you to make their bags. My husband would love one of these.

Natalie said...

Are you kidding? That bag is fantastic. It looks great, but perhaps more importantly, it is sure to be very well made. Great job.