Sunday, August 11, 2013

Apple Vinegar

I saw this on Pinterest so I just had to try it.  Making apple vinegar out of your apple peels and cores.  How simple and to think I always threw these away.  Apple vinegar is so good for you and there are thousands of uses of vinegar.  I am constantly buying it especially to pickle with so why not try making my own. 

To start with you make pies, apple sauce or something with your apples.  Save your peels and cores and put them into a dish.  The original post used a small mixing bowl.  You cover your peels with water and add 1/4 cup of sugar.  Mix it and weight the peels down and cover with a towel to keep gnats and things out.  I had a very large bowl so I used 1/2 cup with that.  The other two bowls were smaller so I only used 1/4 cup of sugar in those.  Then you just let it sit for a week to ferment.  It will develop mold on top.  That is ok.  Just keep spooning off the mold.  After several days you will smell it fermenting. 

Here is one of my smaller bowls.  As you can see there is mold that has developed around the edge.

After a week, spoon off the mold, then strain off the liquid.  I did this by pouring it into an old pillow case which I use as a jelly bag.  Then bottle up your liquid.  Put a square of cheese cloth on top before putting on the lid.  This helps the vinegar continue to breathe and also keeps the vinegar from corroding the metal lid.  Now for the waiting game.  Let it sit for 6 weeks.  During this time the fermented sugars will eventually and hopefully turn into acetic acid and become vinegar.  I have just bottled up my liquid.  I marked the calendar for 6 weeks.  I will then check to see if I have successfully made apple vinegar.  Thankfully my kids have some ph strips I can use to check if it has turned to acid!!
Here are my bottles that will hopefully become vinegar.  I am glad that I started saving bottles!!

I will have to check back in 6 weeks to let you know if it turns to vinegar!!

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Sartassa said...

Hey, first of all good luck. I am hoping to read about the result of your vinegar - making.
Your post came a little to late for me. my mom and I made a huge bunch of apple purree but threw away all the "useless" parts. Next year, I'll try your recipe for sure.
Thanks for sharing