Saturday, July 11, 2015

Paper Mâché Elephant Head

Our theme this year for VBS is Camo Kilimanjaro. I decided to make a life size Afican Elephant head for the kids to pose in front of to take their pictures. It was quite an under taking but I was quite pleased with the results.

I first cut out the basic shape of the head and ears in cardboard. I used wire coat hangers wraped around each ear to it onto some plywood that was on this stage already at our church. Then using newspaper wand old wrapping paper I began to shape the ears and face. Taping it to the plywood. I used diluted Elmers glue 50/50 concentration to dip the newspaper in to paper mâché.

I cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and then wrapped it each duct tape to get the shape of the tusks. I was going to use cardboard tubes but the ones I had were too heavy. The pool noodle worked great! I then used some gutter screen to get basic shape of the trunk.

After I got one coat of paper mâché on the elephant head I did some further shaping on the trunk and face then I did a second coat of paper mâché on the entire thing!

Now it was time to paint! I used some tempera paint because it was cheap and what I had on hand. I mixed white, black, and brown to get an earthy tone gray. I painted the head two coats with this. Once dry I dry brushed on some brown and darker grey to get shading. I used some off white wall paint for the tusks. Again it was something I had left over and it covered the tusks in one coat.

We added some decor to further the theme. We later covered the black plywood with some dark green fabric to bring it all together!

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