Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hymn Book Angel

I have made these for years.  The only trouble in making them is finding old hymnals that people or churches are willing to get rid of.  They can be made with other types of books, but I think they are extra special made with a hymnal.

Our church is having a Fanny Crosby impersonator come in and do a program for our "All Daughters" banquet.  If you don't know who Fanny Crosby is she wrote over 8000 hymns.  She was blinded at 6 weeks old.  She was an amazing women born in 1820.  Most hymnals contain at least a few of her songs.  Here is a Fanny Crosby link if you want to know more about her and see some of the songs she wrote.

In order to celebrate the night we decided to decorate with music sheets, notes, and these hymn book angels.

To start making one first you need to find some hymnals.  I asked a local church and they gave me some very old hymnals.  The one that I am using for my illustrations was published in 1915.  The pages were very brittle but it still made up nicely.

Start by removing the pages in the front and the back of the hymnal that do not have music on them. You also need to remove one page from the hymnal that will be used for the face of the angel.  I normally use the song "Angels We Have Heard On High"  But for these angels I am using different Fanny Crosby songs.  I am making 12 of these to use as the centerpieces for the tables.  They will then be given away as prizes at the end of the night. So I pulled out 12 different songs of hers so each angel will be different!

Then fold the first page in the hymnal from the bottom right going towards the top left and aligning it in the center of the book.

Use a glue stick and glue this page to the front cover.

Now take the last page of the hymnal and  bring the bottom left going up towards the top right and aligning it in the center of the book.

Using a glue stick glue this page to the back cover of the hymnal.

Now find the center of the hymnal.  Fold down the pages to the left starting at top right and fold down going toward bottom left aligning it in the center of book. 

Continue doing this until all the pages on the left side are folded down.

Now fold down all the pages on the right side by starting at the top left and fold down going toward the bottom right aligning it in the center of book. 

Continue folding until all the pages on the right are folded down.

Your body of your angel is now complete.  Stand it up and let the pages settle nicely.  The number of pages in your hymnal will determine the fullness of her dress.

Now start on the face.  Cut the reserved page of the hymnal to a 3" section.  Using Mod Podge glue it to a 3" Styrofoam ball.  Molding it around the ball and applying Mod Podge over top of the paper.  Only do this on one side of the ball.  This will be the face.  Let dry. The picture below is one that is already finished and dry. You can see Fanny Crosby's name on the left above the hymn!

Glue the head to the top of the hymnal using hot glue.

To finish glue some lace around the neck.  Glue on some ribbon and a bow to the middle of the neck.  Glue curly doll hair all around the Styrofoam ball.  Leave the face exposed.  Make sure all the rest of the surfaces of the Styrofoam ball is covered.  Trim straggly hairs if needed.  Glue a beaded string in a circle to top of the head to form a halo.

Your angel is now complete.  These look beautiful on a mantle, shelf, or on top of a piano! I use odd and end things to decorate the angle with.  I normally have enough ribbon, lace, extra bows, and other things so I don't have to go out and buy more.

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Sartassa said...

What a wonderful decorative idea!!! My first thought was: Oh my god, she cut all the pages, but then it became clear :D