Friday, December 14, 2012

Pop Can Cake

I found this idea on pinterest.  I am new to pinterest and I am loving it.  I don't sit up at night and search for hours on it but once in a while go on and see some new things.  This was posted as a birthday cake so I changed it to suit my taste.

Here is the link where I found it originally posted from pinterest.  I will show you how I adapted it to change for a Christmas gift.

First all you need is a few ingredients.  Get a 12 pack of any type of can soda.  We used the favorite type of soda for the intended recipient of the cake.  The get a bag of the fun size candy bars.  Any type that you prefer.  I bought snickers because the wrapper was brown and matched the cream soda cans.  You will need a cake board.  I bought the 14 inch cake boards from Wilton.  You also will need an empty 2 liter pop bottle with the top cut off.  I just cut it off at the top of the label, then I removed the label.  You will also need some ribbon and either tape or hot glue.

First take 8 cans of soda and arrange them in a circle on the cake board.  Put the pop bottle upside down in the middle.  I made sure all the labels of the cans were facing out. 

You can tape or glue the cans to the bottle if you want.  I did not.  Next you use a wide wire ribbon and put it around the bottom of the cans.  I hot glued the beginning of the ribbon to a can.  Then I pulled the ribbon nice and tight to keep the cans together.  Then I hot glued the end to the beginning of the ribbon.

Now you either tape or glue the candy bars all around the pop bottle.  I used hot glue.  The original had you just put a candle on top for a birthday cake and ribbon.  I decided to also fill the top of the bottle with candy bars as well.

Now you will take some wire ribbon that is a not as wide as the bottom ribbon.  Glue that around the bottom of the candy bars.  Then make a bow out of your wider ribbon.  Tie it with the smaller ribbon and hot glue or tape on top.  I let the ribbon drape on the side and then hot glued it in place to the pop cans. 

The cake board cost $1
Pop was                    $4
Candy bars were       $3
The ribbon was         $2
For a total of             $10

Plus I had left over ribbon, pop, and candy bars.  So if you subtract that out you have a very nice gift customized to your recipient for under $10!!! 
My son who does not like cake now wants one of these for his birthday cake!! We will see!!

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